Fitness Marketing Strategies That Work for Personal Trainer Websites

If you are looking to increase your fitness marketing business use strategies that will not only bring in new members, but also entice regular members to get involved in other fitness facilities available in your gym. Use the following tips as a guide:

  • Start with your regular membership list. Since such members have already experienced the value of your fitness classes you could check if they would be interested in being upgraded to boot-camp sessions. This would net you a good increase in the membership fee. Use bait such a boot-camp membership would help in reaching goals faster.

Personal Trainer Website

  • Take a look at your register where a good few people may have signed in, but did not commit to a membership. Over time such people may have had second thoughts on going in for fitness training. All they would need then is that little extra push. Send out text messages or make the required phone calls to that could be potential list.


  • Many of your current members could have been referred to your gym by their contacts or by your personal trainer websites. If you have the names of such contacts on file, check whether they would now like to also take up fitness training. The interest they showed when referring their friends, could result in new memberships with the right approach


  • Take a look at your affiliates and JV partners with whom you had some business interaction. For example if a particular business helped you advertise your fitness marketing in the past, making contact with them again might result in new ideas on how to increase your business thrust.


  • Another good strategy to increase your business would be sponsorship. Check out a needy charity organization and offer a one month free membership to new entrants. You could also sponsor a bodybuilder or athlete in your gym for a public competition.


  • Flyers are a popular way to keep your business in the public eye. You could distribute flyers, advertising the benefits of fitness training and facilities offered by your gym. Make the flyers attractive and informative and distribute them where large groups of people gather – such as stadiums, exhibitions etc.


  • On the business front, make sure you carry a good few business cards. Whenever you meet potential customers or other helpful business agencies you should hand over one of your cards. If you meet people in your neighbourhood supermarket, beauty salons etc, after chatting them up a bit you could hand over one of your cards. Any incentive you can offer if such people come to check out the gym could land you a new client. You should also get involved in community events if the theme is fitness and health. Regular exposure will definitely help you to establish brand recognition.


  • Lastly and very importantly, you have to market your business. Make use of social media and the internet – avenues that are leading to huge business increases. Get yourself a website if you do not already have one. For more ideas on how to market your fitness websites visit